Rory McCourt’s intriguing conspiracy thriller …a prose style that adopts the fluent regaling we associate with the Irish. 

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Rory McCourt’s storytelling is effortless and will be attractive to thriller fans.

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Comments from people who have read No Killing Sky:


‘I’ve just finished your fabulous book No Killing Sky. Wow, what a read! …Just wanted to say congratulations on a ripper work. I never normally read fiction but this had so much familiar reality it was completely engrossing. I found myself sitting in meetings or watching tv news, wondering what awaited Liam next. I gasped, laughed, wept, cheered … Great book.’


‘Am reading your excellently worded and researched book.  VERY well done!!  There is a movie there for sure. A pleasure and am very happy to have gotten my wee hands on a copy.’


‘Finished the book last Wednesday. Wonderful read. Great story, well told. Nice title idea. Gripping – interest doesn’t flag. I like the way you sustained the pace throughout – with all the threads woven finally into a satisfying piece of entertaining fabric. Superbly researched, wearing its erudite and sometimes esoteric detail lightly, but knowledgeably, and integrated seamlessly into the narrative. I’m also a sucker for a ‘happy’ end. Comprehensive, enjoyable and impressive.’


‘I have finished your book.  And absolutely loved it,  in fact I know when I’m enjoying a book because I don’t want it to end and so, about 30 pages or so before the end,  I’ll put it down and have a delayed satisfaction day or two, just thinking about it!  Nice twist at the end, didn’t expect that.  Now for the sequel? Looking forward to catching up about all that research. 


‘Think your book is a great read.  I like to call it a thriller for people who think!!  My husband is now glued to it.’


‘I stayed up to 3am to read the last part of your book because it got so exciting I couldn’t put it down. Most impressive research!!! There is so much “evidence” of abnormal weather events that your story is very believable!’ 


‘This is, in my view, one of the better examples of the genre.’


‘One of my colleagues… commented that she had never heard me wax so lyrical about a particular book before’. 


 ‘She is not someone who generally reads thrillers but she said she was gripped throughout and found the characterization consistent and convincing.’


‘Am really enjoying your book. A great read.’


‘I have read the book and I love it! It was compelling and I stayed up late in our bush cabin reading with my head torch and woke early so that I could get back to it. It is such a good read. Tell Rory that I am waiting for the next book.’


‘…you should know that she absolutely loved it.’


‘It might not be Patrick White but I reckon it’s alongside Le Carré.’


‘Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading No Killing Sky. Such a great storyline, the science was fascinating and it felt very relevant and up to the minute.’


‘Finished the book, a wonderful, action packed, scary, thought provoking read. I can definitely see a movie in it.’


‘Certainly a page turner.’

‘I am well into your book (pg 120) and thoroughly enjoying it!!  Page turner!! Hugely impressed with the research.’


‘Just a line to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I was very impressed by your knowledge and research spanning so many different locations.  I had to get a map out!  You are also so sensitive with the characterisation.  I really felt that I had got to know Liam and Jia.  I am not normally drawn to read thrillers, however maybe this will now change for me. Your novel reminded me in some ways of the “Night Manager” series which was so successful. I can visualise “No Killing Sky” as an exciting movie series.’